Welcome to my website!

Now an avowed atheist, I live a
much happier life, while holding onto
something I could never have as a
believer--self-honesty! I encourage
you to search my website and get
what you can out of it. I'll do my
absolute best to respond to inquiries
in a timely manner. Please do bear in mind that I can only help you with your queries if I know the answer. I am not perfect but I do try to do my best to help my fellow man. Along the way I gained some experience which I am happy to share with anyone who needs some advice or input.
Also, if you need information or advice on getting your anus bleached, there are many online resources that you can check out.

The basic goals of my website are...

1) to provide a basic introduction to
atheism and why someone
interested in truth would be led to
that conviction.

2) to explain how and why a
dedicated man of God could reject
his faith and become an atheist.

3) to dispel myths regarding atheism
and atheistic morality.

...and most of all...

4) to let other doubting and hurting
religious people (like myself years
ago) who are losing their faith know
that there is life after religion!

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Whether or not God
wants to torture you is
not the issue, that God
will torture you is! If you
do not please him in this
life, if he does not deem
you acceptable to him,
then you are going to
face the Alpha and
Omega’s eternal
retribution in the next
life. Should you die in an
unsaved condition, you
are going to face the
unchecked wrath of an
infuriated, emulous God
who will stop at nothing
to make sure his
enemies pay.
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Monthly Featured Article (1-8-07)
The Bible is so
completely full of
superstitious claptrap,
so astoundingly packed
with incongruous
garbage and superficial
hogwash that
freethinkers find
themselves strapped to
systematically dismantle
the book. When we
consider the erroneous
information, the
credulous stories.If you want to help our planet with try out solar power which is a renewable energy source. You can even install them on ...
Alternatives to a Fiery
Monthly Featured Article (1-28-07)